About Me

A day dreamer with design on my mind.

About Me

A day dreamer with design on my mind.

Hi, this is Design with Miller.
Thank you for checking out my website!

At Design with Miller, I believe there is something exciting about taking on a brief and pushing the limits to deliver a creative piece of work. Design isn't always creating shapes and playing around with colours, it takes an ambitious, curious, and creative mindset to deliver professional results that push the boundaries and also yourself. Design with Miller is the studio you can count on to get the job done on time, on budget, and with professional results.

Even though I am based in Wellington, New Zealand, I work with agencies, businesses, and non-profits all around the world. To work with people from every corner of the world is extremely rewarding. I have helped clients across the United States, Canada, Thailand, Nepal, Costa Rica, Australia, and New Zealand.

Our design and development process emphasises communication and collaboration.

Planning Phase & Brand Identity

Designing a website isn’t just about making a website that holds information. It’s a branding tool and the design process opens the door for a chance to really focus on creating a website that is unique and stands out. Don’t think of this just as a time to create a website, but an overall branding project. It is a perfect time to take a step back and think: “What am I about?” “What are my goals?” “What makes me different?”

First we meet and connect with you and your team to analyse what you envision for the website and plan the next steps. This phase includes:

  • Organising content and identifying where information will go.
  • Reviewing competitor websites to compile effective keywords for search-engine optimisation.
  • Create a sitemap to get a solid foundation of exactly what information will on what page.
  • Moodboard creation to brainstorm ideas and get the creative juices flowing.

Wireframe Phase

Once we are on the same page, the layout begins. I will build wireframes from the information given by the sitemap. Wireframes are the skeletons of the website process. You will see how the website will be organized and how the information will all flow together. The list of key steps in this phase include:

  • Establish information hierarchy.
  • Organize the information into sections that flow nicely, and are easy for the visitor to follow and understand.
  • Have a solid understanding of how the information will be presented.
  • Develop a solid foundation for user flow with an end goal that leads to high conversion rates (potential client contacting you to set up an appointment).

Design Phase

In this phase you will see physical elements of the website come together. Color palettes, images, fonts, icons, and backgrounds will be created and designed in this phase. I use Figma to design all of my websites. It is a great tool for the client to see how the website comes to life in real time. This phase includes:

  • Creating a solid color palette that is on brand and shown across all pages on the website.
  • Finding the perfect photos that relate to the user and are on brand.
  • Selecting fonts that will be used throughout the website.
  • Brainstorming icon design that helps organize and visualize information.
  • Putting all the design elements together into Figma to create a life-like mockup.

Development, Testing, and Maintenance

In this phase I will use the sitemap, wireframes, and mockups to develop/build out the website. I build my websites using Webflow, a powerful CMS that is completely customizable, user-friendly, and optimised. After your website is up and running I can help maintain your site at an hourly rate. This phase includes:

  • New home and interior pages.
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development using Webflow.
  • Content Management System (CMS) creation. The creation of collection Lists for quick and easy organisation/editing.
  • Optimization for ipad and mobile.

What past employers and clients have said.

From small businesses in need of a website to non-profits driven to help their communities, Design with Miller is proud to have worked with these wonderful people. Below are just a few of many that have appreciated the work that I have done.

Tonic Lab

Tonic Lab is a Marketing, Digital, and Design recruitment agency. I have been working with Lisa Maathuis at Tonic Lab to assist them in designing marketing material for their clients and also for the agency. This has included multiple websites, brand guidelines, email templates, landing pages, social graphics, ebooks, and more. The team at Tonic Lab can focus on marketing and recruiting while Design with Miller maintains the Tonic Lab website and assists in design.

Design with Miller has been great to work with, we've used him to help us with designing digital and physical assets like brochures and guides, digital content creation and digital design of website pages on Webflow. He's professional, has great communication, takes direction and feedback well and get things done fast!
Lisa Maathuis
Lisa Maathuis
Tonic Lab
Tonic Lab Recruiting

Atlas Digital

We've used Design with Miller for everything from designing and building landing pages, redesigning our collateral and helping us to design assets for our new website. Brandon always delivers exceptional work for every single project and is super fast at getting it to us! He is our go-to-guy for all our design needs. Thanks for the awesome work!
James Lloyd
Lead Digital Strategist
Atlas Digital

Make Digital Group

Brandon’s design skills were already at a high level when he joined MAKE, but where he truly exhibited his worth to the team was his uncanny ability to acquire new skills and collaborate with his colleague to adopt them to ongoing work. Brandon also has the rare ability to calmly receive critical feedback and not only translate it to improved work, but also apply those lessons to future work and take it even further. He adapted and varied his work to fit the range of clients we support, with an attitude that was unwaveringly optimistic and energetic. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Ryan Hannebaum
Creative Director
Make Digital Group

From wireframes to development, Design with Miller will work with you from beginning to end.

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I enjoy meeting new people and love figuring out different ways to help local businesses.

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