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At Design with Miller, we believe there is something exciting about taking on a brief and pushing the limits to deliver a creative piece of work. Design isn't always creating shapes and playing around with colours... It takes an ambitious, curious, and creative mindset to deliver professional results that push the boundaries and also yourself. I believe that we are the studio you can count on to get the job done on time, on budget, and with professional results.

Even though we are based in Wellington, New Zealand, we work with agencies, businesses, and non-profits all around the world. To work with people from every corner of the world is extremely rewarding. We have helped clients across the United States, Canada, Thailand, Nepal, Costa Rica, Australia, and New Zealand.

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When working on any project, collaboration is key. We understand the significance of communicating with different people to help concept and develop big ideas. No idea is too small, or big to not be heard. Everyone deserves to have their voice heard, and it is important to listen and communicate with your team. Whether it is just the client or a group of 20, being a team player is essential.

Project Management

It is crucial to be able to pick up a heavy work load and produce insightful and meaningful material, all while having fun doing it. In this hectic digital age, we understand the seriousness of staying organising while juggling multiple projects and using Slack, Zoom, and Gmail to communicate with our clients, project manager, copywriter, creative director, and other designers on the progress of every project.

Open and Friendly

We pride ourselves in being sociable people that excel at relating to others. Being open, flexible, and outgoing we welcome feedback and utilise it to improve our work. Design with Miller is enthusiastic about design, and not shy to share our opinion. Besides drinking tea and listening to music, you will also find us challenging mates to a game of Rocket League, escaping to the outdoors, or playing live music.

What our past employers
and clients
have said.

From small businesses in need of a website to non-profits driven to help their communities, Design with Miller is proud to have worked with these wonderful people. Below are just a few of many that have appreciated the work that we have done.

Brandon’s design skills were already at a high level when he joined MAKE, but where he truly exhibited his worth to the team was his uncanny ability to acquire new skills and collaborate with his colleague to adopt them to ongoing work. If I plotted his abilities on a graph from the time he started here to the time he left, it would be an exponential upward curve. He came in with very little animation experience, but by the time he was done, he was our point person for animated work for demanding clients.

Brandon also has the rare ability to calmly receive critical feedback from peers and not only translate it to improved work, but also preemptively apply those lessons to future work and take it even further, to enhance the output of the entire team overall.

He adapted and varied his work to fit the range of clients we support, with an attitude that was unwaveringly optimistic and energetic.

In short, if I had my way, Brandon would still be here, working with me at MAKE. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Ryan Hannebaum
Creative Director
MAKE Digital Group

Brandon and his team developed the initial concept – the winning concept among four other pitches – with full consideration for the target audience, the desired call to action, the budget, and the sensitive topic of drug use among youth. In partnership with the team, he subsequently created a series of mood boards to flush out the campaign personality; crafted the campaign tagline and subsequent copy for all collateral; designed the campaign logo/mascot; wrote the code for the website; and coordinated and co-directed the video shoot.

Brandon is a delight to work with. He is open, flexible, and creative. He takes feedback easily and is quick to identify alternative concepts. He expertly balances respecting the needs and goals of the client while asking questions to better understand those goals – all with authenticity and professionalism.

Brandon brought enthusiasm, insight, and skill to a project that will, thanks to him and his team, be implemented throughout the community to improve the health and well-being of youth. I wholeheartedly recommend Brandon - he is sure to be a valuable asset to any creative or strategic team.

Chana Goussetis
Marketing Communications Manager
Boulder Public Health

Earlier this year a mutual acquaintance recommended Mr. Miller after I expressed wanting to work with a web designer who emphasized collaboration. It was really important to me to have a site that conveyed who I was a a psychology practitioner instead of having one of a more generic quality. In this regard Mr. Miller did a great job on creating my website and working with me on it. He really put much attention to the creative process. He also was great in making sure my site was secure to my profession's ethical standards. I very much appreciate his conscientiousness in this respect.

Two other positive things I'd like to state about Mr. Miller: He's really good at relating to others. I've seen him in a number of social contexts (e.g., talking with my colleagues when coming to my office to take pictures; meeting with me multiple times as he worked on the website) and he seems quite at ease in this way. Secondly, he strikes me--a layperson when it comes to web design and how things work on the internet--to be quite competent in his subject area. I understand he's studied coding and related subjects in college and this becomes quite evident in talking with him.

Given these qualities, the final product, and my overall experience working with Mr. Miller, I have readily recommended him to my colleagues and friends.

In sum, I recommend Mr. Miller, with no reservations, for any position he applies for consistent with his abilities, knowledge, and work history.

Christopher Carlin
Psylin Therapy

From wireframes to development, Design with Miller will work with you from beginning to end.

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