Glad to have you here at Design with Miller.


Glad to have you here at Design with Miller.

Welcome to Design with Miller. A creative design studio ready for adventure.

At Design with Miller, I specialise in concepting, designing, developing, and maintaining Webflow websites. My clients have used my design services to push campaigns forward and position their brand towards a stronger identity. I have helped numerous clients, teams, and agencies find their voice through creative story-telling, website development, and design.

Web Design Services

Need a website? I can help you with that. I use a variety of applications including Slack, Figma, and Webflow to build websites. These applications make it easier and faster to communicate, collaborate, and develop eye-catching websites.

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Graphic Design Services

Looking for Graphic Design services? I have experience working with print and digital ranging from brochures, posters, business cards, and print advertising, to banner ads, animated ads, illustrations, icons, and more.

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Webflow Maintenance

Do you already have a site on Webflow and need help maintaining it? No worries, I help most of my clients with their websites and will try my best to explain the issues and fix them.

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Featured Case Study

Tonic Lab

Tonic Lab is a Marketing, Digital, and Design recruitment agency. I have been working with Lisa Maathuis at Tonic Lab to assist them in designing marketing material for their clients and also for the agency. This has included multiple websites, brand guidelines, email templates, landing pages, social graphics, ebooks, and more. The team at Tonic Lab can focus on marketing and recruiting while Design with Miller maintains the Tonic Lab website and assists in design.

Design with Miller has been great to work with, we've used him to help us with designing digital and physical assets like brochures and guides, digital content creation and digital design of website pages on Webflow. He's professional, has great communication, takes direction and feedback well and get things done fast!
Lisa Maathuis
Lisa Maathuis
Tonic Lab

Why work with Design with Miller?
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Below are the reasons why people have chosen to work with Design with Miller over other designers and developers. Hover or click on the icons below.

One Man Army

No need to hire multiple Freelancers

I pride myself in being a one man army that can project manage, design, illustrate, animate, and develop. However, if I feel like something is out of my league, need help with copywriting, or think that another illustrator could be perfect for the website, I will not hesitate to collaborate with other freelancers. I will always communicate this to you and let you know what I can or can not do.


Collaboration is a key player

When working on any project, collaboration is key. This is why I use tools like Zoom, Slack, and Figma that take collaboration to a whole new level. While Zoom and Slack are great for communicating, Slack delivers a great platform for collaboration as it lets you watch, edit, or prototype the wireframes and website mockups I build.


Communication is key in the website process

Communication is extremely important during the website design and development process. I understand the significance of communicating with different people to help concept and develop big ideas. That's why I use Slack for quick messaging, project updates, and the occasional Office gif. I lay out my process in detail from the very beginning and give you an estimated timeline for the project. This is so you can follow me along the process and receive updates every step of the way.

Project Management

Know how to juggle multiple projects at once

It is crucial to be able to pick up a heavy work load and produce insightful and meaningful material, all while having fun doing it. In this hectic digital age, Design with Miller understands the seriousness of staying organising while juggling multiple projects and using Slack, Zoom, and Gmail to communicate with our clients, project manager, copywriter, creative director, and other designers on the progress of every project.

Proud to have worked
with great people.

From small businesses in need of a website to non-profits driven to help their communities, I am proud to have worked with so many great people. Below are a few businesses and agencies Design with Miller has helped build a unique brand through design and development.

Let's create something amazing together.

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